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Olivia Wilde talks dating, divorce and weight

Olivia Wilde is on the cover of the Oct. issue of Allure magazine and talks about dating, her divorce, and the pressure to fit the Hollywood mold.

First of all, Olivia Wilde wants you to know she only has one vagina — so she can’t possibly be dating Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine and Salman Rushdie all at once.

Olivia Wilde


“Isn’t that hilarious? I mean, in order to be dating all the people they think I am, I’d need four vaginas!” the actress told Allure in the Oct. issue. “It’s impossible!”

Not impossible, but it certainly would necessitate a good day planner.

With that gorgeous face, Wilde’s date book is most likely quite full since her divorce from the Italian prince she married in a school bus when she was just 18. Calling the divorce “the most difficult thing I’ve ever dealt with,” Wilde says it certainly got her to grow up fast.

“I got married at a very young age, so I sort of jumped into a stage of adulthood prematurely,” she said. “I learned quite a lot.”

On a different topic, Wilde has some advice for aspiring young actresses that everyone should heed, come to think of it: Stay true to yourself.

“I went through this kind of A Star is Born transformation, where they made my hair very blonde, and I got very skinny, and I was like, ‘And now, I fit the mold!'” she says.

“If I could tell young actresses anything, it would be to just be yourself through and through. I mean, really be hard-core about sticking to your identity, because what makes you unusual is what’s going to assure your success.”

Just don’t put on too much weight, like Wilde says she did immediately after her divorce (although she looked pretty good to us).

“I gained a lot of weight after my divorce, and there was this sense of, wait, hold on, you don’t look like you did before,” she said. “Are you going to be up for the same roles? Do you need to be put in some sort of weird labor camp to lose all your weight?”

Catch the rest of the interview with Olivia Wilde in the Oct. issue of Allure, on newsstands Sept. 20.

Image courtesy Allure

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