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What we learned from The Secret Circle premiere: Don’t mess with witches!

Did the series premiere of The Secret Circle surpass your supernatural expectations? Read on to see what we thought of the premiere.

Hell hath no fury like a witch that wants power — okay, that’s not the real saying, but it fits for the witches of The Secret Circleat least we think so.

The highly anticipated series premiere of The Secret Circle aired on the CW and like all things Kevin Williamson (Dawson’s Creek, The Vampire Diaries), it had a healthy balance of story and character, with a little bit of ‘oh no he didn’t’ mixed in.

Having no other episodes to play off of, we thought we’d tell you what you need to know at this point and leave out the fluff…

The story centers around Cassie (Britt Robertson), a young girl who is sent to live with her grandma after her mom dies in the opening due to an obviously planned house fire/explosion. Interestingly enough, we see who blew the house up within the first minute of the show (Oh, that Kevin Williamson). We’ll get to who that was in a bit.

Immediately once she gets to town, it’s like everyone knows her, but Cassie doesn’t know them.

You’ve got the bad girl Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), the cute boy Adam (Thomas Dekker) who’s taken, yet drawn to Cassie, Nick (Louis Hunter), an interesting character to figure out, Diana, Adam’s girlfriend, and Melissa, the BFF.

To set this up, all of the above players know Cassie is the key to completing the Circle — Faye wants the power, while Diana wants to give her time to grieve her mom and ease her into realizing she has power.

Cassie’s led to a house where the teens break the news to her. Here’s why she’s important — they all come from a line of witches and there is a total of six families that make up the Circle. Each generation has someone who completes the Circle.

These teens represent the one person from their families in the Circle, totaling five — Cassie is the sixth person to complete the Circle — get it? She’s the link.

The pilot lent itself to setting up Cassie’s discovery that she’s a witch — the mystery as to what everyone wants now that she knows still has to unfold.

The interesting thing to this story is that the adults in the town are just as mysterious as the teens. They have their own motives for bringing Cassie to town. Oh, that’s right, we forget to tell you.

The guy who we saw burning down Cassie’s mom’s house is Charles Meade (Gale Harold) — he introduces himself to Cassie and after a few moments of putting the pieces together, we learn there was an event that took place in the past that was tragic and some Circle members didn’t survive. We think he might have been a survivor and has info on Cassie’s father who may or may not have been a bad man — the polar opposite of her mom.

Commence talking about what’s going to happen next!

The Secret Circle is going to be on our radar because Kevin Williamson doesn’t give it away. He teases you, so you have no choice but to tune back in — because lets face it, you have to know the next piece of the puzzle.

The Secret Circle is no exception to Williamson’s brilliance. The choice to not hide Cassie’s witchy side or drag it out into the second episode was the smartest move the series could have made. It lent itself to moving fast and not giving us time to figure out the next move before it’s given to us — ala The Vampire Diaries

The Secret Circle doesn’t reinvent the supernatural genre, it builds on it and twists it to a fresh angle. It was fun to see the unapologetic Faye use her power in plain sight. There’s nothing more boring than everything being done in a dungeon.

What did you think of The Secret Circle — magical premiere or smoke and mirrors?

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