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The Vampire Diaries season premiere recap: Stefan rips it up!

Raise your fangs if you love Stefan the ripper! Read on to find out about the havoc Stefan and Klaus wreaked on The Vampire Diaries season premiere.

A birthday, a ripper and a new werewolf — it must be the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries! Are you ready to find out all you need to know about the season three premiere? Fasten your fangs and fill your blood cup — it’s about to get ripper in here!

Happy Birthday, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)!

We’ve been teasing Elena’s 18th birthday since the TVD masters released the info and as you might have guessed, it was the centerpiece that everything else was built around in the season three premiere — aka, Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) full blown ripper state.

TVD: The hunt is on to find ripper stefan

While Caroline (Candice Accola) is in party planning mode, Elena could care less. She’s on a mission to find her boyfriend — but she’s blocked by Damon (Ian Somerhalder) — who always has to go it alone. Typical Damon — never accepts Elena’s help.

Stefan is on the lam in the South with Klaus (Joseph Morgan), ripping it up ripper-style and feasting on the human stuff. Enter new werewolf Ray (David Gallagher).

Klaus and Stefan bully up against Ray, who Klaus wants to use to make more hybrids. Ray tries to resist — bring on the torture!

Alaric (Matt Davis) and Damon come across the bloody mess Stefan left behind in Memphis (two girls sitting on a couch — dead).

Side note, Damon explains why he knows it was typical ripper-Stefan. He rips his victims so hard he “blacks out,” then feels remorse and puts the bodies back together — GROSS!

Stefan is tasked to “take care” of his brother after Klaus learns Damon’s hot on their trail.

Despite her concern for Stefan, Elena gets ready for her birthday party and receives a very special gift from Damon — the necklace she thought was lost from season two. Delena diehards stop salivating!

That’s only the first half of the premiere — keep reading, it gets even better!

TVD: Elena’s 18th Birthday Party

It’s time for the big party — and Caroline really outdid herself! Booze, tons of people and hot music — oh, and Damon as Elena’s escort. Too bad Damon’s keeping secrets.

Meanwhile, Andie Starr is back on the scene but it’s short lived. While she’s locking up the news station, Stefan pays her a visit — obviously meaning to send Damon a message.

Privy to Stefan’s actions and always one to protect Elena, Damon tries to hide the carnage Stefan and Klaus are leaving behind in the South — okay, it’s mainly Stefan’s carnage. Bad move because Elena finds out anyway and throws a hissy fit!

Back at the station, Damon and Stefan come face to face and engage in brotherly banter before Stefan brings out Andie and shows Damon what will keep happening if he doesn’t let him go — poor Andie fell to her death.

Elena finally learns Stefan is in full ripper mode, and back in Memphis Klaus forces Ray to drink his blood. We’re still trying to figure out where this whole “make more hybrids” thing and Ray comes into play.

The perfect ending — Stefan calls from an unknown number and Elena knows it’s him but he doesn’t speak, she just tells him to hold onto her love. Oh, and Mayor Lockwood shoots Caroline. See the side story to see how that happened.

tvd’s Side story: Jeremy, caroline and tyler

Jeremy found himself a job at the Mystic Grill and he’s still going strong with Bonnie, but seeing Vicki and Anna is still bothering him. Not too much was learned about what they want yet.

Jeremy opens up to Matt about “seeing things” since coming back from the dead.

Caroline and Tyler (Michael Trevino) have entered into this playful side of their relationship where Tyler swears people think they’re dating and then they totally hook-up after Tyler accuses Caroline of shutting him down in the past! The hook-up might be a one time thing though — especially since Mayor Lockwood shoots her!

Side note, Matt and Caroline are as icy as ever.

Did anyone else find it interesting that Sheriff Forbes was feeding Elena info?

What did you think of the season three premiere of The Vampire Diaries? Delicious, right?

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