Hugh Jackman wants to be on Glee

Hugh Jackman is a triple threat: He acts, he sings, he dances…and he’d love to show that off on Glee. At the U.K. premiere of his new robot film Real Steel, Jackman revealed that he’d love to appear on the hit show.

Hugh Jackman

According to Digital Spy, Jackman told a site that he was a huge fan of Glee though he’d only seen one episode. Yeah, we were hooked like that too. He said, ”I would quite like to appear in Glee. I’ve seen one episode so yeah, maybe.” We would like that too, Hugh. Also, can you sing without your shirt on? We’re sure someone will make that happen.

Though he often plays tough guys on the big screen, Jackman isn’t exactly a newbie in the world of musicals. He’s played Wolverine in the X-Men films and he plays a tough, absentee dad/former boxer in his new film, Real Steel. He’s about to star in a film adaptation of Les Miserables where he’ll play the lead character of Jean Valjean. The show was a hit on Broadway for many years and we’re dying to hear him sing The Confrontation.

Jackman also received an Oscar for Best Actor in 2004 for portraying legendary 1970’s singer/songwriter Peter Allen in The Boy from Oz. Though he’d performed in many plays in Australia and the U.K., this was Jackman’s Broadway debut. He’s hosted the Tony Awards numerous times and in 2009, he hosted the Oscars, opening with an epic musical number.

So fellow Gleeks, what sort of character would you like to see Jackman play? A singing Wolverine in a comic book themed episode? (We couldn’t resist that one. Sorry.) We’d love to hear your input. And who else would you like to see guest star in the new season?

Glee‘s third season premieres Tuesday, September 20th on FOX.

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