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All My Children‘s Alicia Minshew not interested in full-time return

The end is near for All My Children. The long running daytime drama is going off the air and losing two of it’s biggest stars: Susan Lucci and her onscreen daughter Alicia Minshew.

Alicia Minshew Kendall Hart Slater All My Children

Alicia Minshew is following in her TV mother’s footsteps and exiting All My Children. The soap opera will end its broadcast run next week and the actress has no intention of reprising her role of Kendall Hart Slater on the internet — full time.

Minshew recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s ready to move on and do “Something funny. Something light.”

“I’d love to do a sitcom,” she adds. “I’m really open to kind of whatever the universe is going to lay my way, whatever it is… but I’m leaning towards doing something funny in life, because I enjoy that and because I know I can do it. I’m craving something that’s completely the opposite of what I’ve been doing.”

All My Children has been given new life after its ABC cancelation thanks to Prospect Park, a production company that’s moving the series from daytime to online.

Many of the show’s actors are debating whether or not they’ll stick with the series and its new format. So far, it has been revealed that AMC veteran Debbie Morgan (Angela Hubbard) has been hired by The Young and the Restless, and Jacob Young (J.R. Chandler) has decided to reprise his role as Eric “Rick” Forrester Jr. on The Bold and the Beautiful.

As previously reported, Susan Lucci nixed Prospect Park’s offer and has no desire to bring Erica Kane to the internet, but Minshew’s outlook isn’t so black and white.

She says, “If they were to come to me and ask me to do it [and] if I could work it out where I could maybe be recurring, I could pop in every now and then, I could work with these people that I love and still be a part of this. I would be open to that.”

Hmmm, All My Children without Erica Kane or Kendall Hart Slater sounds like a pretty dull place.

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