Yeehaw! Jewel shows off baby Kase Townes

Sep 14, 2011 at 8:41 p.m. ET

Jewel may not have had the hypnobirth she'd planned on, but that hasn't stopped the new mom from considering herself lucky. The singer is sharing a glimpse into her life on the ranch with husband Ty Murray and baby Kase Townes.

Motherhood looks amazing on Jewel. The new mom is showing off son Kase Townes to People magazine and reflecting back on his emergency c-section birth.

Jewel, Kase Townes and Ty Murray via People

Of her experience giving birth to her first son Jewel shares, "They always say, 'Make a plan and God laughs,' right? We wanted a natural birth and I was committed to that. I studied hypnobirthing."

Unfortunatley a routine check-up showed baby Kase struggling with each Braxton Hicks contraction the overdue mother had. The call for an emergency c-section was made.

Today Jewel says, "I feel lucky to be pregnant in the modern age where they could actually tell he wasn't well during those contractions. We felt thankful that we had good doctors and a good hospital nearby, and that everything was okay. I'm so lucky that we have a healthy baby boy. That's all I cared about."

On the subject of baby Kase Townes' name new dad Ty Murray says, "We had a name list a long time ago, before we were even married. I like one syllable names." The name, a combination that pays tribute to Ty's best friend and Jewel's favorite singer/song-writer Townes Van Zandt, is "a strong name" says the new mom.

Ty, a fifth generation rancher and bull rider, can't wait for Kase to get out on the daily chores with him. However, he doesn't plan to force his son to follow the family tradition. Ty says, "Jewel and I have to remember he is his own little person, and it's all for him to figure out. Our job is to enjoy what his little journey is, not fret over it."

For now the couple, who wed in 2008 after having already spent a decade together, are busy with the late night routine a 2-month-old baby demands. "Neither of us wants to have a nanny," explains Jewel, who breastfeeds while Ty is on diaper duty.

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