Taylor Armstrong is too demanding for Barbara Walters

A planned interview between Barbara Walters and Taylor Armstrong has been canceled because of the Real Housewives’ demands.

Taylor Armstrong

Barbara Walters has interviewed some of the most compelling people of interest in the world — but one person who won’t be sitting in her hot seat is newly-widowed Taylor Armstrong.

The star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was unable to come to an agreement with Barbara Walters, who reportedly refused to cave into Armstrong’s demands to limit questions about the suicide of Russell Armstrong, Taylor’s estranged husband.

“Taylor had a list of demands that Walters just wasn’t willing to go along with,” a source told RadarOnline. “Taylor didn’t want to be grilled about her participation on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills possibly contributing to Russell’s suicide. She didn’t want to be put on the hot seat regarding her spending habits.”

We won’t miss out on hearing Armstrong exploit her grief, though — she wound up making a deal with another TV news show.

“In the end, Entertainment Tonight was able to come to an agreement with Taylor that she was extremely comfortable with,” said the source.

It must be quite the deal, because someone — most likely Taylor Armstrong herself — gave the show hospital photos of a badly beaten Taylor, highlighting injuries she claims were inflicted by Russell.

Taylor found Russell’s body at a friend’s house where he was staying after the couple split. On the verge of divorce, friends say Russell was deeply in debt and possibly bisexual — a secret he was afraid Taylor would disclose to the world on the show.

Entertainment Tonight will air their interview with Taylor Armstrong next week.

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