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Kate Gosselin thinks your life is mediocre

Kate Gosselin told Matt Lauer that regular jobs are mediocre.

Kate Gosselin

Are you working hard for a living? Maybe you’re a nurse, or a construction worker. You and your life are mediocre says Kate Gosselin, and she wants no part of it.

Kate Plus 8 has been canceled, and Kate is freaking out over money. What’s a gal to do? Certainly not take some “mediocre” job. In her Monday appearance on Today, Gosselin told Matt Lauer, “It’s a situation where Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids and working a regular job.”

Jon Gosselin left the family TV circus and is currently working a construction job — he was fired from his computer job years ago. Kate used to work as a nurse.

“I want the best for my kids and the best opportunities, not unlike every parent. I think that to be a good parent is to work as hard as you can and give them the best opportunities in life, and [our show] has provided that.”

“The best opportunity for all of us would be for me to continue to work in TV as a way to provide for my family,” Kate said.

Obviously her comments about a typical middle class job being “mediocre” got a lot of people riled up — so much so that Kate tried to repair the damage on Twitter.

“2clarify re ‘mediocre’ – I meant this job is not a career acc 2 jon but tv is 4 me & is hard but will prov best opps 4 my kids vs nursing!”

She dug her hole even deeper when she told E! News, “My kids have benefited so greatly, that I shudder to think what our lives would be, scraping to get by and struggling to exist, and having that guilt of eight kids that I can’t afford, can’t provide for, and who probably never would have left our state.”

“That’s why I wake up in the middle of the night, because the future is uncertain and I’m not willing to lay down and die.”

Perhaps that’s something she should have thought of before having eight kids?

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