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Bachelor Pad 2 finale recap: Jake speaks and a winner is crowned!

Two couples were sent home in the first hour of Bachelor Pad 2. Who were they? Read on to find out.

Three hours of Bachelor Pad 2 — did you actually watch? If you didn’t, we’ve got you covered on everything from who won to what was said at the reunion.

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The last competition, a giant reunion and lots of money — here’s what went down on the Bachelor Pad 2 finale — all three hours of it.

BAchelor Pad 2: the final competition

For the last competition, Ella and Kirk, Michelle and Graham, Kasey and Vienna and Holly and Michael packed up and headed to Las Vegas.

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The couples were tasked to take on the very difficult routine of Cirque du Soleil’s famous show Ka. Okay, it wasn’t exactly Ka, but you get the point.

They did their own spin on what the performers do in Ka and it was hilarious. Vienna Girardi was so bossy just because Kasey wanted to make a heart out of their bodies during the routine — yikes, Vienna, give the man a break.

Holly and Michael were also not on the same page. He was flipping all over the place, while she could barely climb the performance wall.

Guest judges Trista Sutter, Ryan Mesnick and Ali Fedotowski got to bring down the hammer when it came down to deciding who would move on and it was important because the losing team went home immediately.

Michael and Holly pulled it out, as did Vienna and Kasey. Ella and Kirk were sent packing first.

Michael and Holly got to give out a rose to a safe couple and there was no way Kasey and Vienna were staying safe with that situation. She cried all the way home.

Bachelor Pad 2: The reunion

The reunion portion was all about forgiveness.

Ames Brown revealed he broke it off with Jackie because he realized they were too different. From the look on Jackie’s face it was not mutual. She actually revealed she didn’t get out of bed for a week! Really? A whole week.

Then it was Jake Pavelka’s turn to speak. Before Jake could talk though, Vienna made it clear she just wanted to enjoy her time in the house and she had no intention of swaying other people to feel a certain way about Jake.

Yeah, no one believed that — especially Kirk.

Jake admitted he used Bachelor Pad 2 as a way to get to Vienna and apologize so he could move on. She still wasn’t having it. Kasey did apologize to Jake for saying he wanted to “punch him in the face for America.” How sweet! Vienna looked pissed.

Kasey was up next crying about how he can’t stand how the house changed his relationship with Vienna. Every single person on Bachelor Pad 2, aside from maybe Erica, felt Vienna was completely mean to him.

He couldn’t really answer how they were today, except for that he loves her and she has good days and bad days. That’s us paraphrasing the longest segment of him crying.

On the Blake and Holly front, Blake said he was “madly” in love with her. He also said they’ve talked every day and it’s the most “serious” he’s been with a woman.

It was revealed Holly is moving to South Carolina and they’ll live together — and yes, they are engaged.

The awkward part is Michael had no clue and Chris Harrison totally made him look silly — oops!

When it came time to vote for either Michael and Holly or Michelle and Graham it was not a landslide. Holly and Michael walked away the winners — and the best part is Blake voted for them.

But before they could walk away with the money, they had to either decide to share their money or if one would sell the other out, if so, then that person would keep all the money. That was a risk, however, because if they both chose to keep the money, all the other contestants would share the money.

Ladies and gentlemen, Holly and Michael will share $250,000.

What did you think of the very long Bachelor Pad 2 finale?

Photo courtesy of ABC

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