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Madonna to hydrangeas: bleep you!

Madonna and hydrangeas are the talk of the town! Is the material girl sorry for revealing her disdain for the flowers? Not even a little bit.

Madonna doesn’t like hydrangeas, and you can’t make her! The singer has posted a video mocking her hydrangea loathing incident that does anything but smooth over the floral freak-out. Watch below!

Madonna hydrangea video

After an incident Madonna’s rep calls “ridiculous” in which the singer can be heard commenting “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas” after being gifted a bouquet, a video response has hit the web. The 46 second silent Madonna hydrangea video, titled Madonna’s Love Letter to Hydrangeas, starts out showing the 53-year-old apologizing to a boquet of the loathsome flowers.

“You have no idea how many nights I have lost thinking how I hurt you,” the video reads. “Words cannot express how sorry I am. To think I may have caused you pain. My heart is going to burst with sadness. I need to know in time you may forgive me.”

Madonna continues, “If I could take back my words I would, but I can’t, so what am I left with?”

From there the apologizing takes a serious nose-dive! A very not sorry Madonna rants, “I’m left with the fact that I still hate hydrangeas! And I will always hate them! It’s a free country! So [expletive] you, I like roses!”

Golly gee Madonna, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

Madonna’s hydrangea apology video: love it or loathe it?

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