Man Candy Mondays: Michael Vartan

After seducing us as Agent Michael Vaughn in Alias and melting our hearts in the movie Never Been Kissed, blond cutie Michael Vartan is making us jealous of Zoe Saldana on the big screen — he plays her love interest in the thriller Colombiana, in theaters now.

Man Candy Monday: Johnny Depp

Michael Vartan

Michael Vartan

Born: November 27, 1968

Hometown: Hauts-de-Seine, France

Height: 6′

Why we love Johnny Depp

Why we love Michael Vartan:

With his scruffy blond locks and thoughtful countenance, Michael Vartan has held our attention on both big and small screens for years. Now hold us, Michael!

1He was one of our first crushes

Michael Vartan in Never Been Kissed

Who can forget Vartan’s five-year stint as Agent Michael Vaughn on the TV show Alias, alongside real-life girlfriend (for a year, anyway) Jennifer Garner? His sexy romantic entanglement with Agent Sydney Bristow was what kept us coming back for more each season. But even before that, we were crushing on him hard as hot, thoughtful high school English teacher Sam Coulson in the 1999 Drew Barrymore chick flick Never Been Kissed.

After Alias, “Varty” (to superfans) held a variety of TV and movie roles, including a cheating husband in the thriller One Hour Photo and a doctor in the TNT series Hawthorne, alongside Jada Pinkett Smith. He even impressed Jennifer Lopez when he played opposite her in Monster-in-Law, to the degree that J.Lo herself described Vartan as the “perfect boyfriend”: “You just know if you get Michael Vartan you’re lucky because he is just like the perfect boyfriend person, right? Just because he’s so sweet. He’s very genuine. He’s very real. He doesn’t have a bunch of phony airs about him, you know?… There’s just something about him that’s very kind.”

He’ll always be Mr. Coulson to us. Sigh!

2He’s a sexy Frenchman

Un homme et deux femmes

Since Vartan was born in France, he’s fluent in both English and Français. (And we love French-speaking actors!) In fact, after moving back to the United States for his high school years, he not only attended a special French private school in L.A. (Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles), but he was in several French movies, including 1991’s Un Homme et Deux Femmes.

But, back to the present: Check out this video of Vartan speaking French to Jada Pinkett Smith over a little dinner date on Hawthorne. The pizza may be cold, but his foreign language skills are oh-so-hot!

3He likes down-to-earth women

Michael Vartan and wife Laura

In an interview with Redbook magazine that he did before he met his wife, he sang the praises of natural beauty. The mag asked him to name the sexiest thing a woman can wear, and this is what he said: “I don’t have a specific outfit I love. One time, I saw a girl at the gas station — she hadn’t done her hair, didn’t have makeup on, was wearing sweats. And she looked so naturally beautiful, I asked her out right there. I like the slob look. I think that’s really sexy.”

Michael, we will happily model our sweatpants for you anytime you’d like!

Michael Vartan’s
relationship status:

Vartan famously dated Jennifer Garner for about a year, but this past April, Vartan married real-estate agent Lauren Skaar. They met at an L.A. Whole Foods (love that!). What’s in store for the pair? Here’s what Michael told People: “Our plans for the future are to live a happy, simple life, have kids, lots of dogs and go with the flow. I married my best friend; [it] shouldn’t be too hard!” Good luck, you crazy kids!

Michael Vartan photogallery

Michael Vartan and a puppy

Michael Vartan and his adorable canine companion, Millie, offer tips on how to be the best guardian you can be for your dogs.

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