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Tori Spelling’s toughest pregnancy yet

Tori Spelling is nearing the end of her third pregnancy, which she says is the toughest yet. After baby arrives she’s already got plans made — and they involve food!

Tori Spelling

Though Tori Spelling is a seasoned veteran of motherhood, her third pregnancy is proving to be the toughest. As she awaits the arrival of baby number three, whose gender will be a delivery room surprise, Tori shares what she’s been craving this summer and the first thing she’ll order after baby is born!

“People always think the first one was the hardest,” Tori Spelling said recently. “But I’m like, ‘No the first one was easy for me because I could lay around all day. I didn’t have two little ones to take care of. This is the hardest one because I’m always going with the kids.”

Those kids are, of course, Tori Spelling‘s 4-year-old son Liam and 3-year-old daughter Stella with husband Dean McDermott. Wonder how that ribcage love tattoo is fairing as baby number three grows?

As for cravings, the 38-year-old actress says she’s been eating “a lot of avocados” and “a lot of fruit,” as well as devouring what Dean’s been cooking up in the culinary school he’s attending.

“He’s been cooking every night,” Tori brags. ” Homemade pastas! Right now he’s in his pastry course, so he’s making fresh croissants. I reap the benefits of his hard work!”

There’s one item Tori’s been holding off on however — sushi. “I can’t wait to have sushi again,” she says. “You can’t really have sushi when your [sic] pregnant.”

Best wishes to Tori Spelling in the final weeks of her pregnancy!

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