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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony reunited… at Kohls

Before the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony breakup, the supercouple teamed up with Kohl’s to create their own fashion and home collections. Now, the former couple is reunited on the racks, with their collections on sale Sunday. JLo’s line is sure to perform: How do you think Marc will do?

While Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony handle the division of assets in the real world, Kohl’s has launched their new new collections, on sale Sept. 11. It must have sounded like a good idea to create side by side collections with royals from Latin music and pop worlds, but now that they’ve split, SheKnows wonders if the ‘any press is good press’ rule applies.

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Antony launch Kohl's lines

While their lines are linked, the former celeb couple didn’t reunite for the ribbon cutting in New York this week. Anthony was on hand, however, and revealed they did collaborate on their new collections “I always had Jennifer as a soundboard and vice versa,” Anthony said. “I’m really happy about her line and I saw all the work that she put into it.”

More on how JLo and Antonty will handle promoting their lines >>

SheKnows gave viewers a sneak peek at the collection back in Aug. and you can find all the deets at the Kohl’s website, with the Jennifer Lopez collection and Marc Anthony collection each getting their own equal but separate pages.

All the info is out there, but we just had to post the promos with Lopez and her ex, Marc Anthony. They’re cute, funny and hard to resist. Will that be enough to counteract the break up drama?

Jenny from the Block gets the freeze out

There are a few serious promos that highlight the Jennifer Lopez Collection or feature the returning American Idol judge reflecting on her personal style and her inspirations, from the Bronx to the red carpet, but the singer/dancer/actress/mom/fashionista gets much sillier in some of the promos — and SheKnows always prefers a good laugh.

In On the Job, Lopez, who looks fab in her new line — especially those hot thigh high boots! — tries to clock in for work at Kohl’s. Unfortunately, she’s forgotten her ID…. But why would Jenny from the Block need ID? Watch how she handles the front desk, or rather, how he handles her.

Marc Anthony on the phones

When Marc Anthony shows up at work, he goes with a more casual cool look, but that doesn’t keep him from running into his own problems with the front desk. Think the Latin superstar can handle the phones?

Images: Kohl’s

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