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Charlie Sheen heading back to the big screen

Oh dear. Looks like Charlie Sheen might be winning again. It appears that the former star of Two and a Half Men might be heading back to the big screen.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen will be roasted this Saturday by such luminaries as William Shatner, Jon Lovitz, Slash, Seth MacFarlane and Kate Walsh. (The roast will air on Sept. 19th…the same day as the premiere of the new Sheen-less season of Two and a Half Men.) He recently ”won” after Warner Bros. was denied their gag order request. But the biggest news about Sheen is that he’s about to star in a new film.

Sheen has just signed on to star in a Coppola film…no, not that Coppola. A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charlie Swan III is an independent film written and produced by Roman Coppola, who is the cousin of Jason Schwartzman, who also appears in the film.

According to Variety, the film is about a successful graphic designer whose got everything until his girlfriend breaks up with him. Then his world begins to unravel. Hmm, Charlie. Know anything about what it’s like to have your life unravel?

Having Charlie Sheen in the picture is likely to get quite a bit of notoriety for the film. Sheen last appeared on the big screen in 2004’s The Big Bounce. It will be interesting to see if Charlie is still capable of playing anything other than a parody of himself.

So, are you guys excited to see what he can do? Are you sick to death of hearing his name? Are you terrified that he’ll start using ”winning” again? And do you plan to watch Sheen’s roast on the 19th or are you going to tune in for Ashton Kutcher’s debut on Two and a Half Men? Let us know in the comments.

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