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Rescue Me’s perfect ending scores high ratings!

Rescue Me took its final bow and what a bittersweet one it was with the approaching 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11.

The curtain has fallen on Rescue Me, but it will not be forgotten.

How do you conclude a series like Rescue Me? Especially when it falls near the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11.

You do it Denis Leary’s way — go out with a bang (and respectable ratings)!

With a such a strong tie to Sept. 11, the finale had to stay true to what the show was about and we had no worries that Denis Leary would deliver anything but a fitting end.

Opening the series finale with a funeral for the fallen firefighters, while Lou gave a heartbreaking eulogy, was genius because of what happened next — it was all in Tommy’s dreams — Lou was really dead.

From there it was the dark humor we’ve come to know as Tommy dealt with guilt, his position and what it meant to the future of his family and bringing his baby into the world.

Of course, we love the moments when the ladies go crazy and the foul-mouthed Tommy shines through.

It was such a fitting end to see him give a speech with brash words to new recruits and then drive away with Lou’s ghost riding shotgun — perfect. Leary stayed true to the show’s dark humor to the end, while appropriately laying out a story.

Rescue Me’s finale took the series out on a pretty high note. It brought in 2.3 million viewers, making it the show’s most watched episode since 2007.

We have to ask the fans who have taken such a twisted journey with this show, what they thought of the finale.

Take a second to sound off in the comments section. We want to know what you thought of the finale and what your favorite episode of the series was.

Farewell Rescue Me.

Photo courtesy of FX

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