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Lifetime cancels The Protector

Lifetime has given the axe to The Protector — will anyone miss it?

One season and it’s over — say goodbye to The Protector!

It didn’t have the largest number of viewers standing behind it, but those who did can say farewell to The Protector.

Lifetime has decided to cancel the show rather than pick it up for a second season. Deadline first reported the crummy news.

If you’re not familiar with the show, and there’s a high chance you’re not, The Protector featured Ally Walker as a single mom who worked the high pressure job of a Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective.

Surprise, she also had to find time for a personal life.

Unfortunately, the show couldn’t bring in the viewers it needed to save its neck, which is surprising considering it was paired with Army Wives, which is a popular vehicle.

Are you shocked over the news that The Protector has not been renewed or do you have plenty of other shows to keep you busy?

Trust us, we’ve seen some of the shows coming out for the fall and your DVR is going to be working overtime with all the juicy plots coming at you.

What show are you looking forward to cozying up to this fall?

Photo courtesy of Lifetime

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