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House season eight preview: Is House sorry?

House is returning Oct. 3 and boy is he crankier than ever!

Do you really think Fox’s House apologizes for anything?

When we last left House after season seven, our favorite moody doctor was driving a car through Cuddy’s house.

Did it shock the hell out of you? It did us.

When we return for the eighth season, so many questions will need to be answered.

Is he sorry? Can things be repaired? How in the world will those prisoners survive a day in jail with House?

If you thought the show would scrimp and not feature the M.D. behind bars, you obviously don’t know the show very well. The new episode, set to kick of Oct. 3, is interestingly titled 20 Vicodin and we can’t wait to see the meaning behind it.

We recently showed you the creepy poster of the doc standing against a blackboard with his shadow cast on it as tick marks plagued it. Did you love the mysterious art?

Check out a preview of 20 Vicodin — unless you don’t want to have a clue as to what’s going down in the opener.

Will you be tuning into House on Wednesday, Oct. 3?

Photo credit: Fox

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