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Kim Kardashian regrets wedding schedule

Kim Kardashian told Good Morning America about her wedding regrets.

Kim Kardashian

Turns out Kim Kardashian is actually just like us. Despite the fact that her wedding cost over $1 million and will be televised for million of viewers, she has the same regret as most brides do: She wishes she had more time to enjoy the day.

Kim told Good Morning America about her frenzied nuptials.

“The wedding day, I was actually really, really calm that day,” Kim said.

“My one regret is that I wish I had more time to really enjoy the wedding, because there’s so much going on that you’re running around and now that I look back, I’m like, that day happened so fast I wish I had more time.”

For the amount of money she spent she could have thrown 20 regular-person weddings for herself, allowing her plenty of time to enjoy being a bride.

You can watch Kim Kardashian’s wedding when E! airs a two-part special Oct. 9 and 10.

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