Susan Lucci to leave All My Children

For 42 years, Susan Lucci has epitomized the character of a strong woman on television, as the mischievous Erica Kane on the long-running ABC soap opera All My Children. Now that the show has reached the end of the line on the network, Lucci is moving on.

susan lucci

It was reported today that daytime diva Susan Lucci will not, in fact, join All My Children when it goes viral next year. After a lifetime on the show that made her a star, Lucci is saying adeiu to Erica Kane.

According to, Lucci has declined an offer by Prospect Park (the production company that will put All My Children online) to continue on with the show.

The Daytime Emmy winner was reportedly offered a deal that is almost identical to what she has with ABC, parent company to the show. It was stated that the superstar wanted more perks than the company was willing to offer, including working fewer hours and a commitment for a primetime series.

Both All My Children and One Life to Live are airing their respective television series finales on September 23 and January 2012.

Lucci stated in an interview with TV Guide regarding her last day of shooting the series, “Walking out on to the set for my first scene yesterday morning. I have to say, I started to feel it…I had to rein my emotions back in because I had to work, but the setting was spectacular! Perfect for the last day of shooting.”

She then continued, “That is what went through my mind. And yet, somehow, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I have spent my entire adult life in this collaboration with (creator Agnes Nixon) and playing this amazing character.”

Stated Walt Willey, longtime friend and co-star of Lucci to, “I am very excited about it all though (the changes with the show). These folks [at Prospect Park] are innovators and I think they are very smart. I think that getting this up and running by fall was a little on the undoable side, but now it seems that both AMC and One Life will be starting up on the internet at the same time in January 2012.”

Recently Lucci, angry with the way All My Children has been handled, blasted ABC Daytime President Brian Frons for the cancellation of the long-running soap, in a leaked excerpt of a new epilogue in her memoir All My Life.

ABC responded by stating, “We have all the respect in the world for Susan, and are sorry she felt the need to write this epilogue to an otherwise incredible career.”


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