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Covergirl Reese Witherspoon: Divorce was “traumatic

Reese Witherspoon graces the cover of Marie Claire’s Oct. issue, on stands later this month. The Hollywood mom opened up about being a single parent after she and Ryan Phillippe divorced and the “relief” and “support” she’s found with new hubby, Jim Toth.

Reese Witherspoon's Marie Claire cover 2011

Reese Witherspoon got personal in her new Marie Claire cover story, opening up about the Ryan Phillippe divorce, single parenthood and her new life with Hollywood talent agent Jim Toth. The newlywed mom of two was apparently on the injured list during the cover shoot, but ditched the medical boot she was sporting to strike a few sexy, romantic poses for the Oct. issue, on stands Sept. 20.

The mag caught up with Witherspoon in Russia, where she was keynote speaker at Avon’s 125th anniversary event. The activist was there to support Avon’s campaign to encourage Russia to create laws against domestic violence.

One would think addressing 4000 women would be no sweat to the Hollywood player, but even after four years as Avon’s Global Ambassador, she gets nervous.

“I’m scared to speak in public,” she admitted in the interview. “I’m really nervous about it. It’s weird, because on a movie set, I’m fine. But I get really nervous in front of crowds. I used to shake when I talked at these conferences.”

Reese on love, marriage, kids and bad advice

Witherspoon also opened up about the trials and tribulations of surviving her very public divorce from Ryan Phillippe, as well as the relief and joy of finding love a second time.

Reese Witherspoon's Marie Claire photoshoot 2011

“I was hard on myself when I got divorced, and until I got remarried, I don’t think I realized how stressed I was,” Reese told Marie Claire. “I feel so much relief. I don’t think I recognized how anxious I was about being a single parent. It was really, really stressful. It’s not easy on anybody.

“I think Nora Ephron says in one of her books, ‘You know, don’t kid yourself, divorce is really hard on your children. It’s really hard. Children will not be better for it,'” Witherspoon continued. “I mean, there are extenuating circumstances. I’m sure everybody’s life is different, so I shouldn’t say that. But it’s really traumatic. Now I feel a great sense of relief and an incredible amount of support from my husband.”

Part of that relief may have to do with some truly gloomy advice she got from a pal after she and Phillippe split.

“Somebody close to me once said, ‘Oh, no man will ever accept your children,'” Reese revealed. “And I just thought it was the most horrifying thing someone has ever said to me in my entire life. I was determined to find somebody who would make that not true.”

Witherspoon succeeded — which seems to be what she does best! — when she hooked up with Hollywood agent Jim Toth. “I got lucky,” she said. “I did. I got very lucky, and he’s wonderful. And so wonderful with the children. I’m very blessed.”

Reese Witherspoon’s Marie Claire issue hits stands Tuesday, Sept. 20, but you can catch more sneak peeks on the mag’s website.

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