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America’s Got Talent Recap: Top ten perform!

The top ten acts of America’s Got Talent hit the stage this week, and while some acts let us down, we have four we couldn’t live without!

America’s Got Talentwe’re in the home stretch!

We’re down to the top ten on America’s Got Talent and it’s anybody’s game since there isn’t a judges’ save this week! Let’s find out who our standouts of the week were!

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We’ve loved Landon Swank since he won our hearts with an illusion involving lifting balloons to new heights. To get himself into the top ten, Swank played a real life game of Russian Roulette and this week he made a fish appear in a glass of water and then somehow stuck his hand through a tank full of water.

The reason we love Landon Swank is because he takes illusion back to its purist form, but yet he still makes it current. It also helps that he’s hot.

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Our second standout act of the night was Silhouettes. They had an off week last week, but they took it back to patriotic heights this week.

To refresh your memory, this act is a group of talented artists who make shadows and objects out of their bodies and light — and they dance. When Silhouettes puts emphasis on paying tribute to America or the American spirit, they are unbeatable and they did it again this week.

Poplyfe is the band that keeps on giving. Lead by a spunky girl, with a rocking hair ‘do, Poplyfe doesn’t just cover other artists, they twist the music to a whole new sound and lay it on us like it’s never been heard.

This week, they delighted our ears with a crazy-cool Michael Jackson medley that took us back to the Jackson 5 days. These guys may not win the whole enchilada, but they have a huge career to look forward to.

When you think of a Vegas show, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. fits right in. Give him a band and let him work his magic.

He’s given us Sinatra and this week it was nice to see him do some Dean Martin, Aint That A Kick In The Head. The only issue he could have, is that the American voters might think he’s safe — so no one will vote.

Team iLuminate is a glow-in-the-dark act that can dance and entertain the hell out of us. We say it week-after-week, and we almost didn’t include them this week because we’re sure people know how killer they are by now.

What did you think of the top ten of America’s Got Talent? Did they live up to top ten standards or fizzle out?

Photos courtesy of NBC

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