Missing! Elisabetta Canalis’ tattoos vanish in her DWTS promo photos

Elisabetta Canalis looks smoking in her promotional photo for this season of Dancing With the Stars. What’s missing in the photo?

Italian stunner Elisabetta Canalis is in training for her upcoming stint on Dancing With the Stars. The ex-girlfriend of George Clooney looks gorgeous in her promo shots for the hit ABC show.

Elisabetta Canalis' vanishing tattoo

Except one thing is missing from her right arm: her armband tattoo. What gives? We’re guessing the tattoo — which is reportedly a homage to rapper Eminem turned rose vine — is probably not what ABC wants to show in promo shots.

Or, maybe Canalis asked for the airbrush. After all, who in their right mind would willingly get a tattoo of a rapper on her arm? Maybe she really wanted to date Eminem, but settled for the sexiest man alive.

Yeah, probably not.

The 32-year-old television presenter and model is reportedly a 3-to-1 favorite to take the mirrorball trophy this season, according to USA Today. She has a dancing past and told Extra that she can’t wait to learn the tango.

The underdog this season? Not surprisingly, Chaz Bono.

“The clear underdog is Chaz Bono at 20-1 who does not look to be in great shape and may not appeal to the masses who vote on this. But, realistically, until we see the first show we are making a lot of assumptions, and that is why we tend not to go any higher than 20-1 before we see how good or bad some of these contestants are,” said Adam Young, head oddsmaker at Bodog.

We’re betting Bono makes like Bristol Palin and makes it all the way until the end. Maybe it’ll be between Canalis and Bono in the finale?

Do you think ABC should have airbrushed Elisabetta Canalis’ tattoo?

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