Bachelor Pad 2 recap: Nearly-wed Game and Blake drama!

With the season finale of Bachelor Pad 2 one week away, find out who went home this week and won’t be winning $250,000.

One more week and we’ll finally be rid of Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl’s awkward fighting on Bachelor Pad 2.

This week on Bachelor Pad 2, the gang coupled up to play a fun little game called the Nearly-wed Game. The couples were Vienna and Kasey, Michelle and Graham, Blake and Erica, Holly and Michael and Kirk and Ella.

Vienna and Kasey were the biggest train wreck we’ve ever seen. They couldn’t answer a question about each other even if it was fed to them on a silver platter.

Holly and Michael knew each other okay, but Michelle and Graham (who had a strategy) were on fire as were Blake and Erica. Both couples got a night out of the house for some one-on-one time, but Graham and Michelle came in first place.

Michelle and Graham got to chill in a jacuzzi-esque pool while watching an advance screening of What’s Your Number. Graham got a bit frisky and Michelle definitely wasn’t complaining.

Blake and Erica got romantic in some hidden dungeons–finding their way to a nice dinner and two roses– giving them the chance to save one couple. Side note — was anyone else grossed out watching Erica pick out her sexy undies for the evening?

It got old watching Erica try and seduce Blake who clearly did not want to spend the night with her. Thank the stars they went back to the house.

When it came down to the save-roses, Blake and Erica went with Vienna and Kasey based on their alliance with others in the house, thinking they could piggyback, but when it came down to the votes, the hardest one came from Holly.

Torn between voting Blake out at Michael’s request, she had to make a choice.

When the roses were handed out, Blake and Erica were sent home. As Blake rode away in the limo, he revealed Holly sent him home with a note that gave him hope that they’d have a future when all was said and done.

So, that leaves Vienna and Kasey, Holly and Michael, Ella and Kirk and Graham and Michelle competing for their chance at $250,000.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad 2?

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