Top 8 great Sarah Jessica Parker movie moments

When it comes to balancing a career, family and friendships, no one does it better than Sarah Jessica Parker in her new film I Don’t Know How She Does It. And neither do we! Most celebrated for her glamour girl success in Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker has had a lustrous career in Hollywood, giving us some of our favorite movie moments of all time. SheKnows put together a list of eight great SJP films.

Sarah Jessica Parker in L.A. Story

Top 8 FilmsL.A. Story (1991)

Sarah Jessica Parker plays SanDeE*. And that’s how she spells it — big S, little a, little n, big D, little e, big E, and a star at the end. She spins, she’s adorable and this role is a definite departure from her previous good girl parts. SPJ plays the flaky, honest rebound girl to neurotic Steve Martin in this cute romantic comedy set in Los Angeles.

Top 8 FilmsMars Attacks! (1996)

Tim Burton directed this all star cast. Jack Nicholson and Glenn Close, people! This comedy about aliens invading earth is as funny as SJP’s wig. Not only that, but here she co-stars with her I Don’t Know How She Does It partner Pierce Brosnan. Hilarious folks.

Top 8 FilmsThe Family Stone (2005)

Emotional, funny, sweet and heart-warming. The dysfunctional Stone family gets more than just a visitor for the holidays when SJP decides to stick around. Luke Wilson is adorable, Diane Keaton is her charming self and Rachel McAdams makes a great antagonist.

Top 8 FilmsThe First Wives Club (1996)

Come on ladies, this perennial favorite is worth the rental if you haven’t seen it in a while. Goldie, Diane (are we seeing a trend?) and Bette. ‘Nuff said. Sarah Jessica Parker is not afraid of going up to bat with Hollywood royalty as she plays the hot, sexy girlfriend who gets pummeled by Bette. Awesomeness.


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