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Who gave Glee’s Heather Morris a black eye?

Is Heather Morris’ black eye a case of art gone awry? The Glee star is now skirting allegations she’s glorifying domestic violence.

Heather Morris is sporting a black eye and causing controversy in a series of photos for celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. We (and many others) can’t help but wonder — what’s the point in giving the Glee star a black eye?

See more of the Heather Morris / Tyler Shields photos below!

Heather Morris black eye

Glee star Heather Morris has been given a black eye by Tyler Shields. Of their recent photoshoot together the photographer explains simply, “Even Barbie bruises. We have been talking about shooting for a long time and we finally made it happen! Some magic, irons, and bruises later it was complete.”

However not everyone is happy with seeing the actress bruised up while ironing away. Comments on the photographer’s site have many wondering just what the point is?

A visitor to the site named Laura writes, “This looks like (in fact ‘looks like’ it so blatantly that I’ll just say it — this IS) a glamorization of domestic violence. Care to explain?”

Another visitor delves further into the issue writing, “I Why do you keep producing photos glamorizing violence against women? There is absolutely nothing new or revelatory about pics like this. Take a look at the women being fed into a meat grinder or on a dog leash on the cover of Hustler in the 1970s. These photos are mere replicas of that antiquated sensibility. They no longer shock, and they never enlightened. They just perpetuate images of battered women. Can you please explain why you’re so stuck in the dark ages?”

In his defense Tyler Shields tells Us Weekly, “Our shoot poses a lot of questions, but just like in real life, Heather is definitely not a victim. More like a really liberated woman.”

SheKnows has reached out to Heather Morris’ manager for comment on the controversial photos.

Heather Morris

Heather Morris

Heather Morris

Heather Morris

What do you see when you look at Tyler Shields’ photos of Heather Morris with a black eye?

Heather Morris images via Tyler Shields

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