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CW: Mario Lopez dishing being a H8R

We could tell you so many delicious things about the new CW show H8R, but we thought we’d let host Mario Lopez do the talking. Keep reading to see an exclusive CW clip of Mario dishing up deets H8R-style.

Don’t be such hater, people!

The CW is serving up a dose of T&A to the stars people love to hate in the brand new series H8R. Get your minds out of the gutter, it’s total attitude!

Ever want to tell Kim Kardashian what you really think of her? How about Snooki? Well, CW gives you the chance with H8R, but beware, the stars snap back and turn the tables in the scandalously delicious new guilty pleasure show.

H8R might seem like it’s all about the hater but really it’s about giving the stars a chance to confront their biggest haters and change their minds. Tell us you don’t want to see that!

Mario Lopez is playing host and the CW provided us with this exclusive clip of Lopez chatting about all things H8R. Take a look and tell us if you’ll be feeling the haterade…

H8R is set to premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 14. What celebrity are you a hater of? Would you give them a chance to change your mind?

The CW has a huge fall line-up prepared and SheKnows is your destination for all things CW. Keep checking back for new videos, pictures and dish on your favorite shows!

Which CW show are you looking forward to seeing?

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