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MoviePass: It’s like Netflix for the big screen

MoviePass and Hollywood Movie Money have teamed up to offer moviegoers unlimited movies for a monthly fee. The new all-you-can-watch program, which goes into beta trial this September, is supposedly a win-win situation, benefiting both movie fans and the ever struggling movie industry. And yes, there will be an app for that, set to launch in 2012.

Sick of paying the high price of theater entry? MoviePass is launching a new service for movie lovers that could make all the difference… or not. The subsciption service will offer monthly passes to see any movies showing in Hollywood Movie Money’s theater network, ala the Netflix rental model. With the beta program set to launch in September and 3-D and Imax movies not included, it’s not yet clear how much money you’ll save.

MoviePass: All you can watch monthly theater pass

MoviePass will give enrolled subscribers access to over 36,000 screens, and all they have to do to get to the movies is point, click, print their Hollywood Movie Money vouchers and head to the theaters. The app for that, a full mobile version of the MoviePass service, is expected to launch in 2012.

This isn’t MoviePass first pass at creating an all-you-can-watch movie program. After facing an uproar from theater owners in June, MoviePass teamed up with promotional-ticket provider Hollywood Movie Money system and came up with a new plan they say won’t kill the movie biz — and one that theaters can’t say no to…this time.

“Because MoviePass will be paying theaters the full price of admission using the Hollywood Movie Money system, the theater industry benefits as well as the fans,” explained Ron Randolph-Wall, CEO of Quantum Rewards, operators of Hollywood Movie Money. “With theater attendance down we believe that any opportunity to drive moviegoers back to theaters benefits exhibitors, studios and the creative community alike.”

Word is theater owners are still concerned the plan will devalue the movie-going experience, but it seems to SheKnows that sky rocking ticket prices have already made that happen. This is an idea that could bring the masses back to the box office, which has seen a steady decrease in attendance, inspite of the increase in sales due to higher ticket prices.

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As for how much subscribers will save with MoviePass, the release simply explains, “MoviePass will be testing a Zone pricing model based on the average ticket price in a member’s market.” That doesn’t say much.

The pricing logistics should become more clear when the MoviePass Limited Private Beta launches next month. There could be a discount, or the deal may just be in the insider perks that come with the program, which include exclusive access to advanced industry screenings, premieres, events, promotions, set visits and prizes.

While the MoviePass press release says the limited private beta will be “invitation only,” movie lovers can visit to the MoviePass homepage to “request your invite and be the first to try MoviePass.” In other words, if you get over there fast enough to sign up, you might make the beta cut! (Those who signed up for the last round are already enrolled.)

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