Charlie Sheen Roast: All aboard the crazy train

Charlie Sheen left his gig at Two and a Half Men for an unpaid job as conductor of the crazy train, and it’s been an uncomfortable ride for many. In the new promos for Comedy Central’s Charlie Sheen Roast, however, he literally takes the reins of the Roast Express, with Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train pumping in the background, and SheKnows has to admit, it looks like a fun ride.

Two new Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen promos have landed. Last week, we got a clip of the former Two and a Half Men star riding a bomb cowboy-style into snow-capped mountains, a la Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove. This time, he’s riding the Crazy Train, ala Ozzy Osbourne, and SheKnows is loathe to admit it, but that train looks kind of fun!

Charlie Sheen Crazy Train promo

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In the first promo, we get a good look at the gorgeous train, which makes stops throughout Sheen‘s land of mania, from Goddesses Harbor to Winnington to Tiger Valley. It doesn’t, however, go to Normallville. “Honey, we left there a long time ago,” Sheen tells his goddess passenger.

The next promo is just Sheen driving the crazy train. “Comedy Central is going to roast Charlie Sheen?” pans conductor Sheen. “That’s like trying to reason with a volcano. Like trying to duct tape the wind to the ground. It’s like trying to catch a tsunami in a sippy cup. Good luck mortals.”

Even as the promos embrace the Sheen madness and are clearly wacktastic, it somehow doesn’t seem quite as nutty. The reason may be that Sheen doesn’t seem out of his mind in that uncomfortable way we’ve all become accustomed to. He instead seems to be acting and making fun of himself… though that could just be wishful thinking.

We’ll find out just how Charlie’s doing when the The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen airs at 10 p.m. on Sept. 19, the same evening Two and a Half Men premieres with new star Ashton Kutcher.

Sheen Roast promo: Driving the Roast Express

Sheen Roast promo: Tsunami in a sippy cup

Photo and video courtesy of Comedy Central


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