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Prince Harry’s visit to America: New details

The two military bases where Prince Harry will be training while in the United States have been announced.

Prince Harry

Attention Harry Hunters: we have new details on where His Royal Gingerness will be hanging out during his three-month stint in the USA!

A spokesperson for the first military base Prince Harry will visit confirmed his two training locations to press today.

Prince Harry will arrive at the Naval Air Facility in El Centro, California in early Oct. says base spokesperson Michelle Dee.

Dee also confirmed that he will then continue his training at the Air Force Auxiliary Air Field in Gila Bend, Arizona — close to the Boeing factory where Harry’s beloved Apache helicopters are produced and a short drive from the SheKnows offices.

In fact, a few Harry Hunters on staff may join you on your search…

Prince Harry is coming to America to train with an Apache squadron and is rumored to be deploying back to Afghanistan afterwards, but the British Defense Ministry will not comment on any specific plans for safety reasons.

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