Bachelor Pad 2 preview: Everyone is kissing!

Aug 29, 2011 at 9:55 a.m. ET

With the Bacehlor Pad 2 exit of Jake Pavelka will the house loosen up? Not likely. Keep reading to see a preview of this week's episode.

Who has the best lips in the Bachelor Pad 2house? You'll find out tonight, people!

Last week, we all watched as Chris Harrison revealed Jake Pavelka had been eliminated from Bachelor Pad 2. Then in a weird twist, our televisions immediately cut to black and we did not see his response, leaving us to wonder if he really was booted from the game.

We can tell you his Diaries of the Departed video was on ABC's website, so he is gone but we're hoping to get more of his televised response this week.

Anyway, onto this week's episode. The challenge is one that everyone is probably going to be good at because, well, this is Bachelor Pad 2 and making out is their speciality.

The contestants will partake in a kissing challenge to prove who has the best lips. It reminds us of a raunchier version of the old school kissing booth. Blake will love this game.

The housemates will probably go gunning for the power couple Vienna Giardi and Kasey Kahl as they're the next logical choice, but another couple could be on the brink of an emotional reunion. Watch a preview of Michael and Holly's emotional chat...

You don't want to miss Bachelor Pad 2 for another big reason. The season 13 cast of Dancing with the Stars will be revealed and with Chaz Bono's name being added to the list of possible contestants, things are just heating up.

What are you watching BP2 for? The kissing or to see who will be on the next Dancing with the Stars?

Photo courtesy of ABC