MTV’s Punk’d returning: Justin Bieber punks Taylor Swift Kutcher-style!

MTV’s Punk’d is returning and Justin Bieber is the king of punks for a day as he kicks off the premiere episode.

Ashton Kutcher is no longer the king of pranks and he’s handing over the crown — to JBiebs! We thought we’d take a moment to reflect with this old school pic of Ashton in the Punk’d command center. Keep reading to hear about Ashton’s role in the show.

The days of Ashton Kutcher pranking unsuspecting celebs on the MTV show Punk’d are about to return, only the show is getting an upgrade — starting with a premiere episode featuring Justin Bieber, with Ashton Kutcher sitting back as the executive producer.

Months ago we reported whispers that Ashton Kutcher was bringing his celebrity prank show back to MTV but he wouldn’t be hosting, he’d be executive producing. At the time, it was also thought Justin Bieber would host.

Here’s the latest on what’s going down: According to a source via Access Hollywood, Punk’d is back in production mode, filming its first return episode in Los Angeles with Taylor Swift being the target of the first episode’s host, Justin Bieber.

The new format will take Ashton Kutcher away from being a regular host and put a different celebrity in the role each episode, giving them the duty of pranking an unsuspecting star.

Ashton Kutcher is smart for sitting back and letting a rotating host do the job. He’s got enough on his plate with his debut on Two and a Half Men coming up Monday, Sept. 19.

With Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift already slated to open the revamped series, who would you like to see on Punk’d?

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