VMA lifetime achievement winner Britney Spears hot for teacher

Just think for a moment if there had never been a Baby One More Time video. If Britney Spears hadn’t put on her naughty schoolgirl costume and preened for the masses. What would have her life had been like? Spears knows the answer, and it’s quite surprising!

Britney Spears

Isn’t it hard to believe that MTV VMA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Britney Spears is 29 years old already? It seems like just yesterday she was a 15-year-old dancing and singing in a sexed-up school uniform to Baby One More Time. But did you know that if Brit wasn’t the mega pop star she has become, she would have pursued teaching?

It’s true! Said Britney to Access Hollywood, “I would have been a teacher. I love kids and even in what I do now, one of my favorite parts of my day is getting to meet my fans before a show. Especially the little ones. They are so cute!”

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Besides teaching, Britney always had one other goal in mind even if she became a star. That was to be a mother. Said Britney, “Raising my family, being a mom [if she was just a regular person and not an icon]. My life would probably be the same because I am really strong in the way I raise my kids and stuff.”

An ordinary life just didn’t seem to be in the cards for Britney Jean Spears. She had her first chart-topping hit at age 15. She famously lived with Justin Timberlake while the two were only 18 years old, until reportedly jilting him for choreographer Wade Robson. Britney then wed childhood friend Jason Alexander, which lasted 55 hours before her mother rushed an annulment. Britney then fell hard for backup dancer Kevin Federline and within three months of dating, the two became engaged and that same year, they tied the knot.

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Spears quickly became pregnant in succession with sons Sean in 2005 and Jayden in 2006. She and Federline divorced in 2007. Spears soon had a mental breakdown and impulsively shaved her head. Her father Jamie took over the day to day decision making of her life as her conservator. But today, Britney is reportedly in a much better place mentally and emotionally, and is in a committed relationship with Jason Trawick. She is also on the tail end of her Femme Fatale tour, with a series of opening acts such as Nicki Minaj, Joe Jonas and DJ Pauly D.

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