Kathy Griffin turns lusty cougar for Justin Bieber

Kathy Griffin’s got a thing for Justin Bieber? Strange, but true. The comic has made her confession in the wake of Jim Carrey’s video tribute to actress Emma Stone.

Kathy Griffin is jumping on the Jim Carrey — Emma Stone video love bandwagon with her own dedication to young star Justin Bieber. Someone wants a piece of the attention pie!

Kathy Griffin to Justin Bieber

The 50-year-old comedian has dedicated a video copying the style of Jim Carrey’s viral piece to the 17-year-old pre-teen heartthrob. Watch it below — though be warned this is a Kathy Griffin video. The subject matter is a smidge more frank (funny) and adult than the piece that inspired it.

Watch Jim Carrey’s video lust for Emma Stone here >>

“You are all the way beautiful, even with those lesbian bangs—but that is not any diss to the LGBT community,” the My Life on the D-List star starts out.

“You’re smart and kind-hearted,” Kathy Griffin continues, quite obviously glancing back and forth between the camera and a copy of what Carrey had said previously, adding her own take on his tribute. “That’s kind of an assumption, er, you seem nice…If I could, I would marry you. Oh, that’s actually not true. It’s messy, Justin.”

About the nitty-gritty of the proposed taboo hook-up? “And the sex—whoo—it’s going to be weird,” says Kathy Griffin.

Funny or just plain gross? What’s your take on Kathy Griffin’s video to Justin Bieber?


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