Jersey Shore recap: crime and punishment

Just when the roommates of Jersey Shore seemed to have it all together in episode 4 of their Florence adventure, everything falls apart when friendships are tested and longtime trusts are broken as Mike and Ronnie start up the most life-threatening fight in MTV reality history.

It was the episode that was talked about more this season than any other. The showdown between Ronnie and Mike on Jersey Shore–the scenario that sent one cast member to the hospital. The problem was, it was a non-event, being pushed to the last minute and thirty seconds of last night’s episode.

Jersey Shore

The episode continued where last week’s shennanigans left off, with Deena still reeling from the repercussions of her “robbery” of Vinny’s girl last week. Vinny and Pauly called it “tag teaming” and it wasn’t a pretty sight in the house for poor Deena, whose reputation as one of the guys was put to the test. Pauly and Vinny pranked Deena by taking her bed out of their room and placing it in the living room. Jenni became the voice of reason and told the guys they were taking their pranks a bit too far. Pauly and Deena hashed it out, with Pauly yelling at Deena, “You’ve changed!” All was well in the end as they hugged it out and just for fun, Pauly put a chair frame on Deena’s bed for good measure.

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It was the first day of work at the pizza place for Pauly, Snooki and Deena. Pauly was able to stand outside and lure customers into the shop (and pick up girls as well), while Snooki and Deena were left inside making pizzas. The two found a way to entertain themselves by pilfering two bottles of wine and drinking them in the back room, until they were found by Mario their boss.

Sammi and Ronnie continued their lovefest, but shady Ronnie was still talking to his friend Hannah from back home. Poor Jenni was caught in the triangle once again, wondering if she should tell Sammi about Ronnie’s calls.

Snooki told Jhonni about Mike’s “lies” that they hooked up and he believed her. For now. He’s on his way to Italy in three weeks.

But it was the end of the show that every fan was waiting for. Again, Sammi and Ronnie both had too much to drink and they began to fight in Club Yak. Upon getting home,  Ronnie got a bit too heated up and started throwing Sammi’s things around. It was then Sammi told him that Mike revealed to her during a meal that Ronnie was having girls come to visit him in Italy. Ronnie went nuts and pushed Mike around, telling him to stop playing both sides (Ronnie and Sammi). Mike denied his involvement in telling Sammi anything, but Ronnie kept pushing him until Mike went crazy and pushed back. The show ended with muscle-man Ronnie beating Mike while Sammi and Jenni looked on in horror.

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