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Casey Anthony in top-secret Florida location

Casey Anthony is back in Florida to report for probation, but her location and all other information will remain top secret.

Lawyers for Casey Anthony have exhausted all appeals in her probation case and now the most hated person in America has returned to Florida — but don’t expect to see her out and about.

Casey Anthony

In fact, the court and the Department of Corrections have agreed to keep all identifying information in her case top secret because of the multitude of death threats Anthony has received.

In a press statement, the Florida Department of Corrections said, “The court has directed us to keep confidential the offender’s residence or any information that could lead to the discovery of her location because of the death threats against her.”

“Therefore, she will not be identified in our database, nor will her probation officer’s name or probation location be made public.”

The judge ruled Casey Anthony must report for probation and she did so this morning. She was acquitted of murder charges in the death of her daughter Caylee but must answer for check fraud charges.

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