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Jennifer Aniston baby countdown is on?

Jennifer Aniston baby rumors are back in the news once again. Curious behavior as of late has insiders predicting a pregnancy is in the works!

Jennifer Aniston

After years of Jennifer Aniston baby rumors in the tabloids is it time to finally have one of them turn out to be true? The latest speculation comes courtesy of Us Weekly, who add Jennifer’s relationship with Justin Theroux to a handful of incidents to predict it’s pregnancy time.

The magazine reports a fellow partygoer at an anniversary party for Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi took note of Jennifer Aniston’s avoidance of all alcohol. “And she looked pregnant,” they add. “People were noticing and talking about it like it was a fact.”

Pictured here, the 42-year-old Jennifer Aniston is honoured with a Hand and Footprint Ceremony outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, while her boyfriend looks on from the front row.

Aniston has a few friends willing to talk to the tabloids. One commented, “She has been telling those close to her that this is the year she’s going to get pregnant.”

They continue, “The plan is to get pregnant this summer. [Justin Theroux] is 100 percent on board – the last few months they have been in baby-making mode.”

Do you believe Jennifer Aniston is trying for a baby? Or are all the rumors just a case of what fans would like to be true?


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