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Nancy Reagan takes a tumble at age 90

Nancy Reagan falls, Florida’s Marc Rubio saves the day — and of course we’ve got it all on video here!

Nancy ReaganNancy Reagan has taken a fall at the age of 90. Fortunately, Marc Rubio was on hand to keep a bad moment from becoming any worse for the former first lady!

Marc Rubio, freshman Senator from Florida, was escorting Nancy Reagan to her seat at an event Tuesday when she lost her balance. A video of the entire incident at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California has, of course, been uploaded to YouTube.

Watch Marc Rubio save Nancy Reagan below!

Nancy, pictured here in March after having lunch in Beverly Hills, was mere inches from crashing to the floor when she was caught by Marc and nearby Secret Service members. A spokesperson for the library has put fears to rest by assuring the public the nonagenarian was not injured in the fall.

This is not the first time Nancy Reagan has taken a fall. In 2008 she had to be hospitalized after a fall resulting in a fractured pelvis.

Marc Rubio is reportedly being courted as a running mate by 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls. What do you want to bet his hero skills will boost his position just a wee bit more?

Kudos to Marc Rubio for his quick reactions after Nancy Reagan’s fall!

Image via WENN

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