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America’s Got Talent: Five semi-finalists move on!

Who’s the first group of semi-finalists to move on and take a spot in the top ten of America’s Got Talent? Read on to find out…

Team iLuminate is ready for their America’s Got Talent close up! Among others, Team iLuminate was the first of the acts to move on and grab a spot in the America’s Got Talent top ten. Keep reading to see who else made the cut in one of the best semi-final rounds AGT has ever seen.

America’s Got Talent delivered such a big opening to its semi-finals Tuesday night, we had trouble picking five acts we wanted to move on.

As you already know, Team iLuminate will be heading to the top ten. Joining them in one of the closest votes, according to Nick Cannon, is Lys Agnes and Poplyfe.

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You might remember Poplyfe took on Come Together Tuesday night and they did something artists can rarely ever do — make a Beatles’ song their own.

Lys Agnes was equally impressive by taking rock song, Bring Me To Life, and turning it into an operatic masterpiece.

In a not-so-shocking reveal, the fourth group to move on was the Miami All Stars. They are a choreographed dance number straight from the big screen.

The judges’ pick came down to West Springfield Dance Team and Daniel Joseph Baker. Honestly, it was all about who the judges thought America would vote for on this one and they gave it to West Springfield Dance Team.

That dance team is like the little engine that could. They got eliminated, brought back by Sharon and now they snag the judges’ pick — talk about hanging on by a thread.

What did you think of this week’s America’s Got Talent?

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