Redmond O’Neal avoids jail

Redmond O’Neal has avoided jail time in his most recent drug arrest.

Redmond O'Neal mug shot

The O’Neal family is breathing a sigh of relief today after one of their own narrowly escaped heavy duty jail time.

Redmond O’Neal pleaded no contest to charges of felony gun and heroin possession after being arrested earlier this month — both charges were more serious because he’s on probation.

But the son of Farrah Fawcett won’t be heading to jail. Instead, a Los Angeles judge sentenced him to one year of inpatient rehab and five years probation with dad Ryan O’Neal looking on.

Redmond’s attorneys Richard Pintal and Michael Brewer told People, “We are pleased and grateful that the judge gave Redmond further treatment rather than incarceration. His history of addiction warrants this approach.”

Redmond O’Neal has been in jail since his arrest, but his family insisted he needed help, not lockup.

The caveat? If Redmond messes up again in the next five years, he is going straight to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.


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