Al Pacino really hams it up for Scarface Blu-ray launch

“Say hello to my little friend!” Al Pacino shouted those famous words almost 30 years ago in the Brian De Palma classic, Scarface. After years on VHS and DVD, the movie is finally getting a second life on Blu-ray!

When was the last time you saw Al Pacino crack a genuine smile? The Oscar winning actor thoroughly enjoyed himself at the recent Blu-ray release celebration for Scarface. Pacino was joined by several members of the cast including Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia and F. Murray Abraham.

Al Pacino Scarface Launch

When Scarface was initally released in 1983 it was panned by critics and considered a box office failure. Despite Brian De Palma’s direction, Oliver Stone‘s screenplay and Al Pacino’s acting, it opened to a mere $4.6 million. Back then, Universal Pictures had no idea what a merchandising goldmine the movie would become.

According to Home Media Magazine, Scarface has sold over 6 million copies to date. Add that to the countless posters, T-shirts, key-chains and hip hop memorabilia that have made Pacino’s version of the character a pop culture icon and that’s quite a take.

“We didn’t have the feeling it was going to be lasting, and it’s pretty amazing,” Pacino said. “As time went on, it just stayed there, and had this constant rebirth. It’s a miracle, really. There’s something in it that defies things, that’s controversial in its nature.”

Scarface will make its big Blu-ray debut on Sept. 5.

Image courtesy of REUTERS / Fred Prouser


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