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Which celeb has the juiciest booty?

Which star has the juiciest booty? Cast your vote in our booty poll!

The butt is back! Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj are rockin’ bodacious booties that would drive Sir Mix-A-Lot to distraction. Whether kept tightly wrapped like Kim Kardashian or flaunted on Facebook like Coco, a voluminous derriere is the hot accessory. Here are some stars who know how to shake it like Beyonce made it. Check ’em out then take our poll to tell us which star has the juiciest booty!


Kim Kardashian butt


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian‘s most valuable asset isn’t her $2 million engagement ring, it’s her trademark rump roast. While Kim has definitely become a bit more modest since her sex tape days, she still flaunts that booty every chance she gets — in fact, her favorite red carpet pose is looking backwards over her shoulder in order to prominently display her most talked about feature. Rumors floated for years that she had glute implants, but Kim Kardsashian x-rayed her butt to put that chatter to rest.


Coco Austin butt

Coco Austin

“Oh my God. Becky, look at her butt. It is so big. She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends…” Actually, Coco is one of those rap guy’s girlfriends — or, more accurately, his wife. Before he was a longtime cast member of Law & Order, her husband Ice-T was best known as the O.G. Original Gangster. Coco delights Twitter followers by showing off her ample backside on “Thong Thursdays” and, like Kim Kardashian, denies having butt implants — but does admit to a boob job.


Jennifer Lopez butt

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez should really get the credit for bringing booty back. When she came onto the scene Hollywood was still in the midst of the heroin chic trend started by the fashion industry in the 90’s. JLo looked like her butt ate a Thanksgiving dinner every day while everyone else just looked really hungry. She even let then-fiancé Ben Affleck grab it and shake it in a music video. Lopez’s backside was so integral to her fame that she was rumored to have taken out a hefty insurance policy on it. While she has definitely toned it down over the last few years, there’s still no hiding that booty.


Beyonce butt


The song says it all: Her body’s too bootylicious for ya, babe. Beyonce dropped 20 pounds with a controversial lemonade cleanse and still had a round bottom! Known just as much for her dancing as her singing, Bey’s moves make full use of her hindquarters. She is rumored to wear butt pads while performing and on the red carpet, but candid shots of her in swimsuits show girlfriend don’t need no help in her backyard. Rather than try to downplay her curves, Beyonce often dresses to emphasize and even exaggerate them, even wearing a gown with heavily padded hips to fill out a Thierry Mugler gown.


Nicki Minaj butt

Nicki Minaj

The newest butt on the scene is that belonging to Nicki Minaj — and it’s possibly the most controversial. Photos surfaced of the singer with a regular girl booty, and all of a sudden she’s on stage with a butt of Kim Kardashian proportions. If anyone would know how to spot a fake booty it’s the above-mentioned Coco, who claims Minaj’s is definitely fake. A Nicki Minaj nip slip will distract us from that unsavory morsel of information.

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