Kris Jenner livid after Ray J sends wedding day text to Kim Kardashian

Ray J allegedly sent Kim Kardashian a scandalous text on her wedding day.

Ray J reportedly texte Kim Kardashian on wedding day

Kris Jenner is more than a little upset after Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Ray J, sent the reality star a text on her wedding day, according to RadarOnline.

“And to think you really have me to thank for all this ;-)” the rapper texted to Mrs. Kris Humphries, referring to the pair’s sex tape that basically launched the Kardashian empire back in 2007.

Excuse us while we die laughing.

Ray J tried to deny the question when he sat down for an interview with a Chicago radio station.

“I ain’t gonna really say what I did, but I do wish them the best,” he admitted. “I’m over all of that. I wish them the best. She’s doing real good right now, that’s what it is.”

Brandy’s little bro added that he wants everyone to leave her alone.

“Let her live her life. Everybody sending me these crazy wild Twitter [messages] and all these texts about her. I’m like look, let that girl live, let her be happy, leave her alone,” he said.

However, that wasn’t exactly what he said earlier this year.

“I don’t hang with stars I create stars!” Ray J said in a February interview. “Kim was created, Cocktail was created and now I’m off to a new project. I wish them well, I hope they have major success in life and I hope they are successful.”

So, basically he sent the text.

We can’t argue with him – no one knew who she was before the sex tape came out. We bet Jenner is upset because she thinks she created the Kardashian empire.

Do you think Ray J text Kim Kardashian on her wedding day?

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