Bachelor Pad 2’s weird ending: did Jake or Kasey get a rose?

There was synchronized swimming, tears and, of course, Bret Michaels on this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad 2. But that wasn’t the most interesting part. Read on to see why fans are left scratching their heads over the abrupt rose ceremony ending…

This week’s episode of Bachelor Pad 2 was all about synchronized swimming. Too bad the entire cast–filled with dancers, cheerleaders and swimmers we might add–was awful at it!

Before we get to the awkward rose ceremony, which we’re dying to tell you about, we have to mention two standout moments on this week’s Bachelor Pad 2 episode — one hilarious, one random.

Who doesn’t love seeing the men of Bachelor Pad 2 don some Speedos for a challenge that makes them gracefully dive into a swimming pool together? Yeah, graceful is not the word we should using for any of these contestants.

The girls put on some sexy, flowery bikinis and swim caps to complement the men’s tiny suits and it was the men against the women. Why is it that Jake Pavealka was by far the most graceful at synchronized swimming? Oh, because he was on Dancing with the Stars — thanks for reminding us Jake!

Anyway, Mike and Michelle ended up winning that round and that brings us to the random moment of the episode. For Michael’s date, he chose Holly, Vienna and Ella. After horseback riding and lots of complaining from Vienna, he asked Holly (his ex-fiance) to stay on the date.

Out of nowhere Bret Michaels’ tour bus pulled up. He just happened to have a concert in the area and needed some practice. Now, what on earth could he possibly sing to these two? Oh, right, Every Rose Has Its Thorn. Too corny if you ask us.

If you were left scratching your head at the rose ceremony, don’t feel bad, we all were.

Jake Pavelka spent much of the episode gunning for Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi, but that’s okay, because Kasey Kahl was obsessed with Jake.

The last rose came down to the two enemies and with moments running out, Chris Harrison said the name he called would be safe. With one last second, Harrison said Kasey’s name.

Here’s the interesting part, Jake vowed if he was eliminated he’d be taking people down, but there was no chance as the episode ended so abruptly.

Will we get to see Jake’s full reaction in front of the cameras next week? We hope so!

What did you think of this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad 2?

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