Bachelor Pad 2 preview: Synchronized swimming!

Bachelor Pad 2 is serving up more drama this week, only this time it’s in the pool. Read on for all the details…

No one’s going to be chasing limos onBachelor Pad 2this week, but there might be some in-sync water shenanigans!

Ames Brown is gone and didn’t even get the consolation prize — Jackie Gordon. But it’s a whole new game on Bachelor Pad 2 this week, as Jake Pavelka turns things around on Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl.

Word has it the infamous ex of Vienna Girardi is going to gain some allies in the house, while Kasey and Vienna slowly lose their control.

Holly and Michael, former fiances, will hit a pivotal point in their relationship since rekindling their feelings after last week’s episode.

Blake and Melissa are said to hit a rough patch, but that’s not even the competition part of the show.

The group will channel their inner swimmer for some in sync moves. Is anyone else really pumped to see these fools take it pool side for a synchronized pool challenge? Check out the clip below…

So far, Justin Rego, Alli Travis, Jackie Gordon, Ames Brown and Gia Allemand have been eliminated. Who do you think is next to leave the house?

Are you digging this season or is it getting a little boring?


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