Watch Anna Faris reconnect with her magical ex in What’s Your Number

Anna Faris plays Ally Darling in What’s Your Number, a girl looking for The One in her exes, including this cheesy magician/bartender.

“Can I borrow a quarter? I want to call my mom and tell her I just met woman of my dreams.”

What's Your Number exclusive clip

Fess up — have you ever fallen for this pick-up line? Don’t feel bad, a lot of us do — take Anna Faris’ character in What’s Your Number?, for example. She’s trying to figure out if one of her twenty ex-boyfriends is “The One.”

Of course, she enlists her hotter-than-fire neighbor, played by Chris Evans, to help her rediscover her exes, including this cheesy magician/bartender in a clip from the film.

Exclusive: Watch Anna Faris see her magician ex’ games in What’s Your Number?

Her other ex-boyfriends include a geeky puppeteer (Andy Samberg), a gynecologist, an ex with hairy man boobs and a Brit. Sounds like she doesn’t really need any of her exes — we have a feeling she ends up with Evans’ character before the movie is all said and done.

Yeah, we’d choose him too.

What’s Your Number? hits theaters on Sept. 30

Would you ever consider going back to one of your ex-BFs?