Charlie Sheen is ‘a completely different guy’ says brother

Emilio Estevez says his brother Charlie Sheen is ‘a completely different guy’ now that he is sober and has a new show.

The downward spiral of Charlie Sheen appears to be over — for now. The warlock’s brother Emilio Estevez says the father of five has gotten his act together and is excited about the future.

Charlie Sheen Emilio Estevez


“He’s a different guy. He’s a completely different guy,” Estevez told Access Hollywood Live on Thursday night. “He’s got his voice back. And I think he’s got his focus. He’s on a new show and he’s gonna be roasted by Comedy Central — which I think is going to be hysterical. I think that he’s really got it together. And he’s very excited about the crew of the show he’s putting together.”

Is it right to roast a person with as many obviously deep-rooted issues as Sheen? Roastmaster General Jeff Ross tells EW yes, of course.

“These roasts are often therapeutic for a person,” Ross said. “These are things he needs to hear… I see this as a comedy intervention.”

Charlie Sheen has signed on to produce and star in a TV adaptation of the movie Anger Management — but well before that, we’ll next see the tiger blood guzzler on the small screen when his Comedy Central roast airs September 19.

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