First order of business for 11-year-old mayor? Name a street after Justin Bieber

An 11-year-old mayor in Forney, Texas declared a street as “Justin Bieber Way” as her first act in office. Then, the sign was stolen!

Eleven-year-old Caroline Gonzalez has a future in politics. After all, she took charge as mayor in her hometown of Forney, Texas. Her first order of business as the 11-year-old mayor? Name a street after Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Way sign stolen

Why would she do something so drastic — wouldn’t that polarize her voter base? Apparently Gonzalez doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

“I really like Justin Bieber, I like his music and I like him. And I thought, why not have a street in my hometown named after my favorite singer?” the student told E! News.

Of course, Gonzalez isn’t really the mayor of her small town: the ambitious student — active in student council, recycling and community service projects — won a “Mayor for a Day” contest that gave her the power over the city. The gimmick was designed to get kids interested in government and politics.

We think it worked — after all, what drunk-with-power kid wouldn’t want to have the option to rename a street after their fave musician, like “Selena Gomez Street,” “Britney Spears Boulevard” or even “Snooki Square.”

Don’t take “Snooki Square,” kids — we’re calling that one when we become mayor for a day.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end — and Justin Bieber Way was only in existence for the day Gonzalez spent as mayor. The sign was also stolen Wednesday — the theft was discovered by the City Manager.

“He called this morning to tell me it was gone,” real Forney mayor Darren Rozell said Thursday. “We don’t know if it was really a crazed fan who decided they had to have it or what.”

Rozell is working on getting a replacement sign — hopefully with a few more bolts this time.

Who would you name a street after if you had the opportunity?

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