How Jen Schefft lost 40 pounds of baby weight

Former Bachelorette Jen Schefft is looking healthy and trim just nine months after giving birth to her first child. How did she do it? Find out how Schefft shed 40 pounds of baby weight.

Jen Schefft

Jen Schefft, who is an alum of both the Bachelor andBachelorette, and her husband Joe Waterman welcomed their first child, a daughter named Mae, in November of last year. The new mom said she loves being a mom, however losing the baby weight has been more of a challenge.

She admits to Us Weekly that the nausea she felt during pregnancy caused her to “throw in her towel” on her diet and give into the cravings of pancakes, cheeseburgers and Chipotle.

Just nine months after the birth of her daughter, Schefft, 35, has lost 40 pounds of baby weight and looks amazing! How did she do it?

She says she is now back down to a size 4 thanks to Bikram yoga, which her husband turned her on to.

“I dropped 25 pounds right away. Those last 15 took a while,” she reveals. “And I still have about 5 to go. I want my abs back!”

Bikram yoga is a type of yoga in which the room is heated to 105 degrees F and helps you sweat out impurities while loosening muscles.

There is no super-strict diet for her, unlike Victoria Beckham who is reportedly on The Five Hands diet. Scheft said her diet focuses on “moderation rather than restriction.”


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