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Kenny Wormald to replace Patrick Swayze in the Dirty Dancing remake?

When Lionsgate announced a remake of the hit film Dirty Dancing, reaction ranged from outrage to…well, more outrage. We’re wondering if this casting rumor will change any minds. Rumor has it that Footloose remake star Kenny Wormald might take over the role made famous by Patrick Swayze.

Kenny Wormald

This is all according to a rumor from The Hollywood Insider. They said, ”Wormald’s fronting a remake of another classic dance-flick Footloose and word is – and it’s backed up by a mass of public previews that Paramount has been having – it’s quite good, but Wormald is “star material”. The guy can dance, sing and most of all, work the ladies into a lather. Many of those involved in the remake of the Swayze/Grey flick have reportedly screened Footloose and like what they see.”

SheKnows interviews Kenny Wormald at the MTV Movie Awards

Well, it is indeed true that Footloose is getting a ton of positive buzz and Wormald is certainly a star on the rise. But there has been so much fury about a Dirty Dancing remake that it’s hard to imagine it actually getting off the ground. We want to know what you think. How do you feel about a new version of Dirty Dancing? Is this a travesty or are you actually willing to see it? Do you like Wormald as Johnny? Who should play Baby? Cameo from Jennifer Grey anyone? Let us know your thoughts below.

Footloose remake casts unknown Kenny Wormald

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