Anne Hathaway living on 'kale & dust' to fit in catsuit

Aug 18, 2011 at 11:26 a.m. ET

Anne Hathaway told Chelsea Handler that she has to go to extremes to fit into her catsuit for her role as Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway needs a perfect body to fit into the leather catsuit she wears in Dark Knight Rises. The actress told Chelsea Handler exactly how she is suffering for her art.

"I'm a vegetarian and right now I'm living on kale and dust," Hathaway said on Chelsea Lately. "The catsuit's unforgiving, man. It's a lot of motivation. It takes three of us to get me into it."

"Last time I was here we talked about how I really don't like working out. I really like it now, that's changed," the One Day actress said. "I know, it's like, 'Eu'gh.' I feel like that person, like I came to LA, got a bikini wax and went blonde and love working out."

"Actually I think I had never really gotten over the hump. There's a workout hump where you're so weak that you hate everything because everything's painful and you look like an idiot," Hathaway explained. "The gym I work out at I was literally working out next to a pregnant Jessica Alba, and she could do more push-ups than I could!"

Anne Hathaway is in the midst of a six-month shoot for Dark Knight Rises but is taking a little break to promote One Day, due in theaters August 19.

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